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Valavanis Bonsai Blog

Wood sculptures and masks created by remote cultures for use in daily life and ritual will be on view, combined with classical bonsai in the unique exhibit: “Mastering Worlds; Exploring Space & Scale in Tribal and Asiatic Art.” The exhibit runs from May 13-17 at 291 7th Ave. PH, in New York, NY.

The exhibition is vetted, containing only authentic museum quality objects and marks the first time classical bonsai and ethnographic arts have been formally paired together. This exhibition and New York Tribal Arts Week is running concurrent with Frieze Week (Art Auction Week) and as well as the other Spring Art Fairs for visitors in New York City.

Among the several bonsai on display include an important Sargent juniper bonsai approximately 100 years old, originally from the Kennett Collection and a Japanese white pine approximately 100 years old, last styled by Sean Smith and displayed in the 2012 U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition.

Cole Harwell, CEO Cole Harrell African & Oceanic Art organized and is sponsoring the exhibition. Mr. Harrell comments: “In conjunction with New York Tribal Art Week, I’m proud to present this selection of African & Oceanic Art with classical bonsai to explore how cultures condense and materialize concepts of faith, identity and belief. By examining the different art forms with mutual regard to space and scale, I’m hoping viewers develop a fresh perspective into our mutual humanity.”

Admission to the exhibition is free. It opens on Wednesday, May 13th, with a viewing party Saturday, May 16, 6-9 pm, 291 7th Ave. PH, at 27th Street in New York City. Show Hours are by appointment only Wednesday, May 13th 11am – 8 pm through Sunday May 17th 11 am – 7 pm. RSVP: For details please visit: or